Wednesday, October 30, 2013

honoring history

It would seem appropriate that on the evening my wife Elise received a lifetime achievement award ("The Honor Award") for teaching physical education I would post photos from the gym where her career started - Moores Hill.  Her first year was the last for the high school, as it now serves as an elementary.  The court, which originally faced north & south, currently has an east-west orientation.  New maple, fresh paint and blocked over windows complete the retrofit. Some history is worth honoring, however, as the Bobcat mascot still menaces from the sideline & the wall of the Old Vevay Gym.  CGS.

Monday, October 28, 2013

starting from home

Aurora - built in 1938. Twenty three sectional championships for the Red Devils and then consolidation.  Burned and reborn as a community center.  CGS.

the first page

Every story & journey has a beginning.  This one started with a framed picture in my bookcase - a picture of the 1937 Versailles Frenchies boy's basketball team. My father is in the left corner of this photo, the team manager.  That is all I know about the image.  I don't know where they played or what their record was, don't know the names of the players or what became of them.  What I do know is that they played high school basketball in Indiana.  Along with thousands of other boys & girls they were a part of a cultural phenomenon that has lasted more than 100 years.  To understand a little of this history, my friend & fellow photographer Michael Keating and I have begun a journey to document some of the places where high school basketball has lived.  And, what we have already discovered is that with every gymnasium comes a wealth of stories.  We plan to share some of those with you.  To help you know who is posting the vignette, we will end with our initials - CGS or MEK.  You will also be able to follow us on facebook @ "Hoosier Hardwood".