Friday, January 29, 2016

buckin' broncos

After a long Saturday that included stops at Spiceland, Cowan and Anderson we found our way to Daleville & the home of the Broncos.  Here's another great little gym, with a beautiful court, decked out with horses from floor to wall. And their colors?  Black and Vegas Gold.  And on this night, against the Titans from Tri, the odds looked a little long for a hometown win.  But, as we have seen more than once, if you wait long enough anything can happen.  With a stout defense, some timely shooting and the backing of lively crowd the Broncos fought their way back to tie the game in regulation & eventually triumph in overtime, 70-57.  A long day, a long night, but another great stop on the Hoosier Hardwood trail.  CGS.

Monday, January 25, 2016

striking gold

With a school population of less than 250 and only one state tournament banner on the wall it might be easy to bypass Cowan on the list of must see basketball programs.  And that, would be a big mistake.  Located between the mammoth gyms of New Castle & Muncie, the home of the Blackhawks may be the most inviting court we've visited.  Bathed in a golden glow, with daylight streaming in windows above the home crowd and trimmed in black - the setting seems almost suitable for framing.  Add to the picture the Winchester Golden Falcons, dressed to match, and the color palette was complete. Although the Lady Blackhawks were defeated 69-37, we understand full well why "Blackhawk Pride" is emblazoned on their walls.  Walls well worth visiting.  CGS.   

Friday, January 22, 2016

fast and furious

Cardinal Ritter - what a perfect place for the first round of the Indianapolis City Tourney.  A 1964 gym built in the classic style of the 1940's & '50's - a stage at one end, wooden bleachers on both sides and a floor that's seen a thousand games.  And the matchup?  A fast paced Raiders team and an equally quick Herron Achaeans squad.  Both teams flew up and down the court, dove for loose balls and crashed the boards.  When the dust settled, Ritter would move on to the second round to face Indianapolis Tindley.  Welcome to Ritter, welcome to city basketball - fast, furious & a whole lot of fun.  CGS.