Monday, November 28, 2016

the road to rivet

Every town along our trail is a potential gift.  Take Haubstadt & Owensville, two burgs separated by twelve miles of southwestern Indiana.  The gift?  Residents who welcome strangers and unlock doors to one of their most valued treasures - their old, well cared for high school gym.  Although full of memories (exhibited & not) these two gyms are living on through throw-back games, weekly basketball and volleyball leagues and youth camps.  And at Owensville, the first sunken gym built in Indiana (1950) & the home of the first glass backboards, we discovered the architect who pioneered this design and would go on to build New Castle's fieldhouse.  Gifts scattered all along the way.  CGS.

Monday, November 21, 2016

salem, game on

The first game of the 2016-17 season for us - Salem's Lady Lions vs the Lady Cubs of Madison. A back & forth game in a beautiful southern Indiana gym with plenty of school pride on hand.  In the end, a victory for the home team.  CGS.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

one last look over our shoulder - limestone country, stinesville

Sitting on a foundation of limestone does not insure permanence.  You have to work hard to preserve the past.  And that's exactly what the folks in Stinesville have done - from their well-kept school & gym to the old mercantile store that doubles as a coffee shop and post office.  At the top of the list of preservationists are the elementary school's maintenance men, Larry Hays & Larry Pursell, who gave us a tour of the former home of the Quarry Lads, and provided yearbooks from the time before consolidation.  Limestone is an amazing resource, but preservation begins with care.  CGS. 

the party's over

Our contribution to Indiana's Bicentennial celebration at the Indiana Historical Society ended on Saturday.  Thanks to all who visited the show.  Next up, our 2016-17 season is just a few days away.  CGS.