Tuesday, April 14, 2015

construction report - an update

Under the watchful eyes of Superintendent Karl Galey & architect Terry Lancer, the new home of the Tigers continues to rise.  By mid-summer I hope to be back when the floor is nailed into place.  According to Karl, the maple court will be simple (not multi-colored like many of the current gyms), harkening back to floors from the past, and in the center - a large orange Tiger paw.  Looking down on the construction site you can already envision the action to come.  As for the old Tiger "gym?"  No sooner had Mark & company hung the re-done backboard and the game was on.  Rim hanging, dunking and a round of knock-out - all before the paint was dry.  CGS.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

learning to fly

There is a reason 'tradition never graduates' at Jac-Cen-Del.  When everyone else their age is watching TV or texting on their phones, Autumn Norman & Jordan Webster (both 11) are playing hoops on the old barn court outside of Osgood. Eaglets testing their wings.  CGS.

construction report

The walls are up and being bricked at Lawrenceburg.  And the old Tiger floor? Exactly a year ago the tongue and groove maple, cut into rectangles, numbered & lettered began its trip west to Osgood under the watchful eye of Mark Comer. Now, it's finally in place (leveled and shimmed) in the loft of Mark's dairy barn. The Tiger backboard is being repainted and the rim has been reinforced (for those inclined to dunk), soon to be bolted to eastern wall.  The real Tiger gym is scheduled to host games next fall.  As for Comer's, my guess is that balls will be bouncing by early summer. CGS.