Sunday, February 23, 2014

the picture

As a photographer there are times when all the things you hope for come together - good light, nice composition and a worthy subject. On Saturday, that moment found me.  Jac-Cen-Del was about to play Indianapolis Tindley in the first round of the Regional at Southwestern (Shelbyville) High School and we were prepping for the game.  Built in the 1950's, the Spartan gym has all of the components that make Indiana high school gyms famous - tight spaces, marginal lighting and the acoustics of a barn. Minutes before tip-off I descended the stairs to the Lady Eagles locker room & witnessed something very special - morning light streaming in on senior Brooklyn Ronsheim leading her teammates in their pre-game call & response cheer. No coaches, no managers, no cheerleaders - just their voices echoing off the empty spaces. Fifteen frames and it was over - up the stairs they went, about to have the day of their lives.  CGS.

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  1. Awesome picture...Chris, You and Michael are amazing. Can't wait to see all the pics later. Thanks for making JCD a part of this project.


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