Sunday, March 30, 2014

a short story

Joe McKinley & his buddies - they were ballers.  Just ask Joe's mom, Jill.  She'll tell you how the boys would play for hours on the court next to the their old barn, well into the night - and then they would hit Satterfield's Dairy Bar for cheeseburgers before crashing on the McKinley's floor. The boys would go on to play for the West Washington Senators and graduate in 2009.  And even though the barn side court is quiet now and the Dairy Bar is closed, Jill still holds on to her memories of those late night games.  One more thing - she just can't bring herself to repaint that old barn.  You see there's a request, barely readable, from a 5 year old Joe - "no girls, mom."  CGS.

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