Sunday, April 27, 2014

100 percent

I had begun to believe that the old gyms we were visiting could be placed into one of three categories - those still in use, either as high school, middle school or elementary; those that had been sold and turned into community recreation centers; and finally, ones that had either fallen into disrepair or total collapse.  That was until I visited Paoli.  Directed there by one of my advertising clients (who graduated from the new Paoli High School), I found the old school had been converted to housing.  Although the gym has been gutted and turned into apartments, the design team preserved & restored much of the interior hall space, even mounting the old gym door in its original place.  An added bonus - parts of the floor, letter jackets and photos remain.  From 1927-1967 fifteen Sectionals were hosted, with Paoli winning 11 of them.  "During those years thousands of young men and women played ball, performed in the band, danced, and grew up on this floor."  And to the 1945-46 Ramblers, "Success is a mixture of 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration."  An equation that seems to have worked well for the old school.  CGS.


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