Thursday, May 15, 2014

the coach

Coach (koCH), noun: an athletic instructor or trainer, a tutor who gives specialized training, verb: to train, instruct or teach.  Example - Stacey Meyer has coached the Greensburg Pirates for the past 8 seasons, leading them to two Sectional Titles, one Regional Crown and back to back State Championships. He is only the 13th Indiana high school coach to win back to back titles. 

Greensburg & Stacey Meyer had been on our radar since we started the project back in October - they were a short drive away and were following up a State Championship with a senior laden roster.  On a cold night in January we watched a determined Madison team defeat them in overtime for only their third loss in three years.  And ultimately, the only defeat of the season.  We caught up with them again when they dispensed Silver Creek and Evansville Memorial in the Washington Regional and then as they side stepped a determined Guerin Catholic at Richmond to move into the championship game. Unable to attend that game, I listened to the radio broadcast as the commentators worried that the Pirates were only "six players deep" and wouldn't be able to handle Bowman Academy's athleticism or game long full-court press. Never underestimate a good coach with a superior game plan.  In the end, to the amazement of the folks in the radio booth, Greensburg didn't try to dribble through Bowman's press, they simply passed the ball around it.  Over & over, with surgical precision, they moved down the court and scored points.  89-76 was the final tally, but it wasn't even that close. So the boys in blue came home with another trophy to an appreciative community. And their hometown coach?  Well, he's looking forward to the 2014-15 season.  You see he's already making plans for turning his JV squad's one loss into another victory.  CGS.  

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