Thursday, August 20, 2015

the wigwam

Once upon a time, this Anderson field house, built in 1961, with seats for 8996, an Indian chief's head (made from 80,000 pieces of mosaic tile) emblazoned on the outside and known as the Wigwam was the heart of a community. For years, fans packed the house (passing down season tickets from one generation to another) as game night unfolded - cheerleaders from both teams sitting cross-legged on the floor, passing a "peace pipe" while a young "Brave" danced with a "Maiden" to the sound of "war drums" pounding from the large stage.  And that was all before tip-off. But economic hard times and a diminishing youth population have brought us to this - broken ceiling tiles, peeling paint & nothing but echoes in the halls. By 2009, what was once three schools (Madison Heights, Highlands and Anderson) had become one and the Wigwam, too costly to heat, cool and maintain, was abandoned.  For the past several years attempts have been made to resurrect the grand old gym in one form or another but only the future will tell whether those plans are a reality or just another fairy tale.  CGS.

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