Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Before there was Huntington North there were 15 schools in Huntington County - the Andrews Cardinals, Banquo Indians, Bippus Tigers, Catholic Rams, Clearcreek Bulldogs, Huntington Vikings, Jefferson Spartans, Lancaster Lancers, Markle Eagles, Monument City Greyhounds, Roanoke Stonewalls, Rock Creek Aces, Township Bearcats, Union Sharpshooters and the Warren Lighting 5.  Not many of the lost schools remain but just off of Indiana 5 the old Warren High School holds firmly to its past.  The gym is open most days for pick up & youth games while abandoned classrooms serve as a museum to the town and school's past.  On prominent display - a photo of the famed 1911-12 Warren Lighting 5, who finished that season with a record of 20-2.  CGS. 

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