Monday, January 23, 2017

remembering the alamo

According to Facebook follower Christian Porter, the Alamo Gym was "built in 1941. Whitey Reath was the all-time leading scorer with 1030 (the only Alamo Warrior to break 1000) and he had a 38 points against Richland Twp as a career high. Alamo won the county championship in '34, '38, '46 and '57 under legendary coach Tom Bowerman, who coached for 22 years. His son played at Alamo and went on to play for the Phillip 66's. Years ago when I was about 6 (now 23) my family stumbled into the old gym when it had roof (it also used to be a country dance theater). We offered to buy one of the old clock hand scoreboards but it didn't happen. Now they are crushed and gone."  Thanks Christian for adding another story to the book about Indiana high school basketball.  CGS.

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  1. I actually have one of the scoreboards in my garage. It's a pretty awesome piece of Indiana basketball History.


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