Wednesday, July 12, 2017

another lost gym?

Except for a few packing boxes, the halls & classrooms at Pennville Elementary are empty.  The students and teachers have left for the summer - probably forever.  Rex Pinkerton's life as a principal sits in piles in his office;  he is resigned to the fact that his school is closing.  Not enough enrollment, says the corporation.  As he shows me around the old gym, there is pride in his voice as he tells me its history and shows me old newspaper clippings.  Dedicated in 1953 and built by the community, there is basketball history in Pennville with four Sectional titles (one after this gym was built).  But all of that may be erased soon as no one seems sure what is to become of the school & gym.  Hopefully, with the support of the corporation and community, the former home of the Bulldogs will live on.  This is too great a place to end in decay.  But for now, the bleachers & trophy cases will remain empty and Rex Pinkerton will be the only cheerleader in the stands.  CGS.  

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  1. I was privileged to have Rex show me around the Pennville gym a couple of years ago. Being from nearby Dunkirk High School, Pennville was our rival, but I have fond memories of playing there in the early 70's. The gym seemed understandably smaller in 2015 but still had that same gym "smell". Thank you for visiting there and posting this.


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