Monday, January 12, 2015

old rivals

For 91 years the small towns & schools of Ripley County have settled their differences on the basketball court and at one time all have held high the champion's trophy. Versailles - 1922, Osgood - 1939, Holton -1940, Napoleon - 1943, Milan - 1954, New Marion - 1961, Sunman - 1963, Batesville - 1980, South Ripley - 1989, Jac-Cen-Del - 1993. Even interlopers from Dearborn County have appeared on the winners list:  Aurora -  1977, South Dearborn - 1985 and East Central - 1987.  The sites of the annual tourney rotate from year to year, enrollment doesn't matter nor does gym size - everyone has a shot, to host & to win.  2015 brought the girls to Milan, the gym of the storied 1954 state champs (although not their home at the time) and the trophy to the Batesville Lady Bulldogs.  The rest of the season will take these teams to different paths on the state championship trail all the while knowing that next January they will all be back together, battling for bragging rights once again.  CGS.

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