Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Pride may be the first word that comes to mind upon entering Barr-Reeve High School.  The halls are lined with photos of student success, on and off the athletic field, and the trophy cases are filled to capacity with one championship after another.  All of this with an enrollment that hovers around 300, from a school that has more than once boasted a 100% graduation rate.  The boys basketball teams have posted 11 wins or more for 40 straight years, 12 Sectional titles, 4 Regional crowns and been state runner-up four times.  But, on this Saturday, I came to see Mark Holt's Lady Vikes take the floor. Almost perfectly square, with a semi-domed roof, this 1959 gym is wrapped in wooden bleachers and highlighted in black and red - a cozy environment to all but visiting teams.  The 2014-15 squad is not very deep and not very tall.  "We've essentially got 5 guards," one fan told me.  But, these five do what guards do best - they pass, dribble, weave and score.  Today, Pike Central was on the receiving end, 51-23.  And now, with 20 games down, two more to go and winning by an average of 23, the season has come down to a few single digit numbers.  And those six or seven will get them to where they want to go - #1.  CGS.


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