Tuesday, February 3, 2015

the buggy bowl

This has been our season of rivals.  North Decatur v. South, Columbus North v. East, Jac-Cen-Del v. Milan, and now Barr-Reeve v. North Daviess - or, as it is known throughout the state, the Buggy Bowl.  Two consolidated schools (although Barr-Reeve is smaller), both wanting county bragging rights, with student populations that include both Amish & Mennonites - what else would you call their rivalry game?  We were told that historically, buggies were parked in front of both schools during the annual match up, but now that seems to have been replaced by pickups, SUV's and one buggy (anchored in place to prevent mischievous pranking).  Barr-Reeve has been victorious for the last couple of years (as was the case this evening) and not wanting their northern neighbors to forget that fact, the 'Buggy Bowl' trophy sits proudly on top of the BR main entrance showcase.  But, as is the case with any rivalry, North Daviess knows that there's always next year.  CGS.

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