Wednesday, November 11, 2015

eastern (pekin)

In 1966 the age of the sunken gym was coming to an end, but thankfully, the good folks of New Pekin decided 'just one more'.  Wrapped in purple and yellow, the home court of Eastern (Pekin) was the first stop of our 2015-16 season as the Lady Musketeers played host to Crawford County's Lady Wolfpack.  An eager crowd, a lively pep band, a victory for the home team and we're off & running.  CGS.


  1. We love our gym! The sunken gyms are the best for spectators! Generally you don't have to walk onto the playing floor, you don't have to walk in front of the benches, or other people!!!

  2. Thanks for this blog/story on Eastern High School in Pekin, Ind. As an alumnus of EHS I think we have a great gym. I don't know why schools won't want to make their gyms like this. It's great for viewing games! If only the walls could talk, we've had our fair share of Hoosier Hysteria that has happened there. Shows quintessential basketball life in the state known for ‪#‎Basketball‬ , ‪#‎Indiana‬.
    Very proud of my High School and how it has evolved over the years! Makes me ‪#‎PekinProud‬ ‪#‎GoMusketeers‬ ‪#‎GoBigE‬ ‪#‎PurpleandGold‬


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