Wednesday, November 25, 2015

L & M

So, here was the plan - drive to Marion to catch a scrimmage at the old Marion Fieldhouse (where the Giants won 37 Sectional titles between 1921 & 1970) and on the way, stop at Oak Hill to photograph practice.  Sadly, we never made it to Oak Hill.  Why?  Well, in one word - Lapel.  For a number of reasons we stopped in the tiny hamlet (home to the 2A Bulldogs) and headed to what appeared to be the old gym, now surrounded by a newer elementary.  As good fortune would have it, the secretary (Angie Howell) was head coach Jimmie Howell's wife and told us that the boy's team was holding a rare practice in the old gym - where Jimmie played for his father and in 2005 coached Lapel to a 1A State Championship.  Wow.  For the next hour & 1/2 it became obvious why the Bulldogs, under the watchful eye of their coach, have seen so much success.  We reluctantly hit the road again, making our way through storms & sunsets and arrived at the old Marion gym just before tip-off.  Did I say old?  Well, there are some of the original bleachers and a framed section of the floor but thanks to a forward thinking community the "old" gym is now a new YMCA.  Lapel & Marion - both preserving history in their own ways.  CGS.

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