Tuesday, July 26, 2016

upstate: justene, lacrosse & the lonely game

The great writer David Halberstam said that basketball was a "sport for the lonely."  "A kid did not need five or six other friends;  he did not need even one.  Because this was Indiana, there was nothing else anyone even wanted to do. This was the land of great pure shooters, and the true mark of an Indiana high school basketball player was hitting the open shot."  And hit the open shot is exactly what Justene Charlesworth does day after long summer day.  Inside the historic LaCrosse gym (that has seen many great shooters) Justene has already made her mark in two seasons on the varsity squad, totaling 816 points (a career high for a Lady Tiger).  And if she remains healthy who knows what the ceiling is for a young player who understands what it takes to live in the land of pure shooters.  CGS.

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