Monday, August 1, 2016

upstate, the forgotten ones

When their playing days are over boys & girls long past youth still have lives to live.  Some of those lives will be long and prosperous; while others short & sometimes tragic.  The gyms where they played are much the same.  On our trip 'upstate' we found magic in the reunion of the '66 Elston team on their home court, hope in a young player in LaCrosse and energy within the solid arena at Whiting.  We saw preservation & a sense of history in Michigantown, hard work still being done in the confines of Union Mills and pride in Morgan Township's Cherokee Country.  But we also found ruin & loss in Millcreek and Medaryville - gyms whose stories are nearing the end.  This trip to the north country expanded our view of Indiana's basketball heritage and also strengthened our belief that preserving this history, whether physically or photographically, is of utmost importance.  CGS. 

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