Monday, December 19, 2016

ball gymnasium

In four years and more than 150 gyms we have seen some special places - but maybe none more than Ball Gymnasium. Opened in 1925 as a part of the Ball State Teachers College, the old gym is now home to the student athletes of the Burris Laboratory School (Muncie Burris).  The maple floor (complete with an Owl at center court) and elevated track have witnessed a history of good high school basketball and dominant volleyball, and continue to serve two campuses as a recreation center.  This year's Burris boys squad is young (only 2 seniors), and on Saturday night, fell victim to a talented University High, 70-31.  But, no matter the score, the  students, fans and players of Muncie Burris seem happy to call this historic gym their home.  CGS.


  1. I stopped by Muncie Burris and Ball Gym a couple years ago, in my journey to learn more about some of the teams connected with my grandfathers 1942 Semi-State team, the Wolf Lake Wolves. They ended up losing to Muncie Burris in the first game, but standing in the gym and seeing the 1942 banner, brought goose bumps to my skin.

    1. Thanks Cliff for the great comment. Glad there are other folks that feel the same way we do about these historic places.


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