Monday, December 5, 2016

brownstown central, rivalry night

In 1941 Seymour won the Sectional Championship at Brownstown;  40 years later Brownstown won the Sectional at Seymour.  On Friday night the two towns revisited their rivalry once again, this time in the sunken confines of Brownstown Central.  All the trademarks of a great rivalry game were present - energetic student sections trading friendly but barbed chants, a talented pep band able to play both school's fight songs, athletic cheer squads, a constantly moving dance team and pre and half time community presentations.  Unfortunately for the visiting Owls they were facing a Braves squad well conditioned from a Semi-State run in football. The final score - Brownstown Central 74, Seymour 51 reflected BC's recent dominance but didn't detract from one of Indiana's great rivalries.  CGS.

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