Thursday, August 3, 2017

faith & honor

In 1930 our country was in between two World Wars and only months into the Great Depression.  The 1930 state basketball championship matched up two of the most successful programs in Hoosier history, Muncie and Washington (Muncie would eventually win 8 state titles and Washington 7).  And in the northeastern Indiana town of Howe the finishing touches were being applied to a gymnasium that would serve as home court to the young cadets of Howe Military Academy.  Founded as a boy's school in 1844, Howe became a military academy in 1895 and co-educational in 1988.  As one of two military prep schools in Indiana (Culver is the other) Howe has seen it's share of basketball success (two Sectional titles along with several County Championships) but has also experienced low points (a winless season in 2014).  The Academy is currently struggling with enrollment (from a high of 500 in the 1960s to a low of 80 in 2014) & funding and is no longer a member of the IHSAA (and not eligible to play in the state tournament).  Through all of its recent struggles, however, Howe has been able to maintain its historic gym, a living monument to Indiana high school basketball and also a firm belief in their motto - Fides et Honor.  Faith and Honor.  Faith that they will be able to continue their educational mission while honoring those who came before & those yet to come. CGS.

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