Monday, August 7, 2017

land of the arches

Sunken gyms seem to be an architectural standard in southern Indiana, protected from the surrounding environment, but up north gymnasiums rise from the landscape with sweeping arches, announcing their presence to all who pass by. Such is the case with Churubusco and Adams Central.  Like twins separated at birth (they are 50 miles apart) these two structures have many of the same elements but most importantly they showcase spirit, hard work and a way forward for their students.  I was lucky enough to witness volleyball camp at Adams Central and a private basketball lesson (Coach Chris Paul & 9 year old Caiden Malcolm) at Churubusco on an early summer day.  Lucky to see young athletes attempting to soar like the architecture above them.  CGS.

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  1. Go to Ossian, Indiana. Indian Elementary is an arched building, including it's gymnasium. Old building still being used.


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