Sunday, January 26, 2014

barn burner

It had all the makings of a great game - undefeated #1 team vs. old rival, a snow covered Friday night in the middle of January and a packed gymnasium.  The only problem - by the middle of the third quarter, defending state champ Greensburg led Madison by 15 points.  With more than half the season gone, Madison (7-2) seemed to be the only team capable of defeating Greensburg (13-0), but that chance was slipping away. Suddenly the Cubs started to hit shots & their defense began to turn the ball over - the lead was cut to nine, and then 7.  Tension spread through the home crowd and every missed free throw brought an uneasy silence. With a minute left, it was a 4 point game & I remembered a radio voice from years ago - "friends, what we've got here is an old fashioned barn burner."  A Madison basket with 00:00 on the clock sent the game into overtime and then, another memorable night came to an end. CGS/MEK.

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