Sunday, January 19, 2014

the ripley county tournament

Eleven years after the first boy's basketball state champion was crowned at Assembly Hall in Bloomington, Ripley County started their own county wide tourney.  The county, in 1922, was home to at least 9 high school teams, including Versailles, Batesville, Osgood, Milan, Sunman, Holton, Cross Plains, Napoleon and New Marion. Consolidation has changed the makeup of the tournament (at times Dearborn County teams have been participants) and now the annual affair hosts only Batesville, Jac-Cen-Del, Milan and South Ripley.  The balance of power has also shifted through the years - Milan in the '50's, Sunman in the 60's and for the last seven years, Batesville.  Michael made his way to championship night and a small sample of his images are found below (more can be seen on the Hoosier Hardwood Facebook page).  What he found - the uniforms & the names on them may change, but intensity remains an integral part of this historic venue.  MEK/CGS.

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