Thursday, January 30, 2014

ripley county, the south

When the consolidation bell rang in the southern part of Ripley County, four schools - Holton, Versailles, Cross Plains and New Marion, became one.  It only made sense that the new school was located in the county seat of Versailles, that it was named South Ripley and that it's mascot was a Raider - after the infamous Morgan's Confederate Raiders (who terrorized the locals during the Civil War).  Each school brought a tradition of basketball toughness to the consolidation.  Versailles had won 6 Sectionals in their history, Holton 3, Cross Plains & New Marion 1 each.  The new school simply added to that total, winning 12 Sectional titles (7 boys, 5 girls) and three trips to the Sweet 16 (twice by the boys, once the girls) since its formation in the 1960's.  Sadly, the old gyms have not faired as well.  New Marion and Holton no longer exist (Holton was destroyed by an EF-3 tornado in 2012) and Cross Plains is on its way.  Only Tyson in Versailles remains a functioning gym (Tyson Activity Center), its illustrious history still on view.  CGS.

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