Friday, February 5, 2016

anderson, 2016

What was once three is now one; what was once grand is now smaller.  That seems to be the story of Anderson, a town who biggest days may be behind it. When Anderson consolidated itself with Highlands & Madison Heights a new school took shape (albeit in Heights' building) and the old Wigwam became just a memory.  Oh, you still see traces - in the famous Indian and color scheme on the gym floor.  But the sheer size and spectacle of the Wigwam is gone forever.  We've heard many times about the demise of Hoosier Hysteria in the past three years and at times have almost believed it.  But, with each passing gym & game we've come to believe a different story - that change and size have nothing to do with strength & longevity.  Long live Indiana basketball and its place in our history.  CGS.   


  1. There are some beautiful shot of the Wigwam Here: that my husband took. It is too bad you weren't able to see it.

  2. Christine,

    Thanks for the link, I will check it out. We appreciate you following our project.

    Chris Smith


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